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Our Approach

Nuts and Bolts


Our Approach

Speed of Execution

We all know what all the evidence supports - timing is the most essential factor in ensuring the success of a startup. However, it is a rule that is hard to live by, when you are dragged through months and months-long investment process instead of building your company. And after all that time, you may find yourself stuck with bad conditions which have killed many aspiring projects.

We have seen too many toxic term sheets in our region and we had to watch too many good startups bleed out waiting for the fundraising process to be closed.

We say a loud NO to this approach and operate according to our Founder-friendly term sheets. We are investors, not bureaucrats, so we act fast!

Key Interests

Whether it's deep science, ICT or any kind of innovation, whether you are seeking smart capital with added value or you simply need funds and be left alone.

If you are truly willing to work hard and by fair means, we offer you a partnership that will work for you.

& InsuranceTech

AI/Deep Learning
& Digitalization

& eCommerce

& Mobility

Nuts and Bolts

International Mindset

In our team, we all have worked hard, built businesses and lived around the world. We are not afraid to take the necessary risks and step regularly out of our comfort zone. We support our startups to forge ahead and explore and learn, turning those learnings into financial gains.

Global Network

The power of our network is immersive. We have connections to leading investors across the globe, access to major corporations, experts from various markets and industries and other relevant thoughtful leaders.Together, cumulatively, we have built our network for almost 30 years of our entrepreneurial lives. Now, you can take advantage of it.



  • 7 Rue Robert Stumper,
  • L-2557 Luxembourg,
  • Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
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  • WeWork, DRN,
  • Narodni 135/14, Prague 1 110 00,
  • Czech Republic
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  • Behounska 5/18,
  • Brno 602 00,
  • Czech Republic
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  • DC Tower,
  • Donau-City-Straße 7,
  • 1220 Wien, Austria
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Czech ESIF Fund of Funds investment platform is an initiative created by cooperation between the Czech Republic and EIF. It is financed by the Czech ESIF Fund of Funds under the European Union / European regional development fund, the EIF and private investors, with the objective to facilitate access to finance, mainly to SMEs, by developing the venture capital/private equity for companies operating in the Czech Republic in cooperation with selected financial intermediaries.