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We are proud of our very diverse portfolio full of bold and persistent founders! Our investments range from med-tech or travel to SaaS or hardware locks.


VRgineers helps enterprises utilize the full potential of virtual reality technology by manufacturing XTAL, a VR headset built around the needs of professional designers and engineers


Daytrip is a digital platform that connects hand-picked drivers with local knowledge with travelers that need to get from one city to another while learning something on the way, fomenting intercity travel and sightseeing.


Mindpax is devoted to understanding, monitoring and improving the mental and physical wellbeing of people through the collection and analysis of biorhythmic data while leveraging the use of technology.


Precismo aims to create digital copies of the world by creating a "holy grail" of scanning platforms for real objects, transforming them into a digital representation without manual intervention.


Disivo allows for optimization of e-shop pricing strategies by incorporating automation, competition monitoring and data analytics into one service, allowing managers to evaluate and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly.…


Vitadio helps prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes with their intuitive digital program, which includes access to personalized education, a personal dietician, interactive goals and tailored recipes.


Snuggs is actively working to replace disposable products with period-proof underwear, reducing waste as well as providing women with a much-needed higher quality product.


Uget is digitizing the purchase of goods between suppliers, restaurants and households with their platform's transparent online marketplace and order management system, boosting efficiency on both sides.


Buildiro provides an online ordering system for tradespeople and local merchants, significantly reducing the time and associated costs of searching around for materials.

Mileus optimizes transportation by connecting public transport with ride-hailing services, boosting users' options based on real-time data.


Advanto ensures the financial health of employees by offering their software to employers, allowing employees to get access to their wages as they are earned.

DOT Glasses

DOT Glasses addresses the needs of 1+ billion people that are visually impaired with their radical, ultra low-cost, one-size-fits-all eyeglasses, which combined with their proprietary vision test eliminates the need for eye…


Stavario is a SAS cloud solution for construction companies. It offers a web platform for company employees, construction investors and a mobile App for workers. Includes an electronic site diary, attendance, online tool tracking…


Cerebrica (previously 33A+solutions) is developing AI-driven platform for modelling and optimization of manufacturing processes by collecting and aggregating data from all IoT sensors as well as behavioural data from workflow…


Digital platform for profitable elimination of dead stock using redistributions within the same retail chain. SaaS software platform uses algorithms to compute appropriate redistributions of stock to new locations. The mission is to reduce the…


Pealock develops portable and durable smart locks for bikes, skis, e-scooters, snowboards and similar valuable equipment worth protecting against theft.


Digitoo is an accounting automation platform that develops end-to-end solutions for digitizing the entire accounting process. It connects clients to their accounting system in three clicks.


GoodAccess is a cloud VPN that enables secure remote access to company networks, business systems and cloud resources using Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach. GoodAccess allows for a fully automated deployment without…

Hedepy provides online therapy sessions with certified psychotherapists. It operates in direct B2C but also in B2B model.

BuiltMind offers a dynamic pricing platform for residential real estate developers providing them with a data-driven and intuitive environment to maximize their profit while automating their sale processes.

Acreom is a dev-first markdown knowledge base with tasks developers enjoy using.

WeBoard revolutionizes employee training. It combines conversational AI with real human experience, making training enjoyable and increasing employees' motivation to learn.

Repairsys solves companies' warranty and post-warranty service. They repair a wide range of things, supporting circular economy and saving money.

Tuito connects ecommerce with insurance. It helps to increase e-shop profits and offers insurance for many different things – from mobile phones to plane trips.

NutritionPro offers meal plans, tailored individually to the needs of each customer and delivered to their doorstep.

Bevy.city is creating the most flexible delivery service while also being conscious of the surroundings – using zero-emission, quiet vehicles.

An application platform which puts composite AI into operation. Filuta AI enables fast development of intelligent autonomous systems.

24 vision offers complex quality control in the automototive industry. The control is done by AI and detects all sorts of errors. Works just like a human, is much more reliable.

Taikun.cloud creates a hybrid cloud tool which helps with management.The system works as a part of the tech team and aids to accelerate business development.


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Maminka je skvělá cílovka, ale pomáháme i větším klientům, říká zakladatel Disivo Petr Bláha

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Týden po investici spouští nový startup zakladatele Liftaga provoz v Bratislavě. Propojuje taxíky s MHD

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