Nation1 Accelerator Batch 2021
Applications will be open from 1.9.2020
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How it works

What's the deal


How it works

Listen and learn

Some shortcuts may be good but there is no substitute for experience. However, an experience can be shared, so you can learn from mistakes you did not have to make. Save precious time and money, enabling you to grow faster than others. It's not for free though: You will have to listen and learn.

Get deep

Big data? Health care? AI? There are certain areas that require in depth expertise. Within the program, you will get 2 full weeks with the best brains in their fields.

Build the next big thing

Prototyping, Beta-testing, MVP. We will teach you how to build something that people REALLY want. No compromises.

Master the pitch

Your product may be fabulous but as long as you can't sell it - no one really cares! You need people to invest in you, work for you and buy your great thing. We will teach you how to master your pitch and win everyone over, whether you are shy, modest or slightly crazy.


By now, you have a great product, first users and you have started to make some money. It’s the right time to show it to the world. You will get to present to specially invited audience - accredited investors, potential clients, corporate strategist let alone the press. All of which will challenge you and help you to take it to the next level.

It might be the end of the program but believe us - for you, it is just the beginning:-)

What's The deal

Staying out of trouble

You will learn the principles of startup entrepreneurship that work, just as well as those that do not.

We will show you how to protect your business legally: What is the best legal structure for future investors? Which contract you should have with your developers to protect your IP? We will provide all the answers.

Visibility and Customer Acquisition

We will boost your media coverage, so you attract clients and better talent to build a strong team.

You will become part of our worldwide network of entrepreneurs, startups, industry experts, research facilities and corporate partners. This will provide privileged access to clients and partners and will accelerate your sales internationally.

Support and Social Capital

You will benefit from more than 100 hours of personal mentorship. That's just priceless.

In Nation 1 we like to say - once a partner, always a partner. We will always help you grow, or reduce the pain of failure (and turn it in the lesson).

We will also help you to maintain morale through peer support. Being a founder is not always easy, but with the best and brightest folks around it can be the ride of your life!


Last but not least: We are not just an accelerator, we are also a fund which is ready to secure funding up to 200K.

And did we mention that we will help you to raise another round of funding? Might sound like a cliché but it’s true - your success is our success after all!



The acceleration program takes place in various locations throughout the Czech Republic. Depending on the availability of our mentors and experts.

How long?

It usually takes 4 months to complete the program,
but it is designed to be flexible if needed.

How much?

The average amount of investment in an accelerated company is 126k Euros. The Cap of investment in acceleration is 200K Euros.

How do I start?

Just fill out our easy entry application and you have already started.

Czech ESIF Fund of Funds investment platform is an initiative created by cooperation between the Czech Republic and EIF. It is financed by the Czech ESIF Fund of Funds under the European Union / European regional development fund, the EIF and private investors, with the objective to facilitate access to finance, mainly to SMEs, by developing the venture capital/private equity for companies operating in the Czech Republic in cooperation with selected financial intermediaries.